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Season 5 Announcement
23 days ago

Season 5 Is Coming Soon!


Update Season 3 Beta Release
10 months ago

Season 3 Beta Is Finally Here!





Season 2 has just recently ended and if you would like to download the world file you can from

Survival Season 2 Ending
11 months ago

CheesySocks Slimefun Survival Season 2 is Officially Ending!


This has been my favourite season so far. We have had our ups and downs with the server including the dreaded lag that basically signed the death warrant for the season! Myself and Dozen (and maybe Sock not sure how many he actually met) have met so many awesome people this season!

A special thank you to our staff for helping make this an easier job for me most the time 😂. Iminecraft_DUDE has really stepped up not only on the build team (awesome ...

Update #1 - 18th August (Vaults / MCMMO)
about 1 year ago

Update #1 Image


Welcome to the first update posted on this forum! This is the Vaults/MCMMO update I guess due to that being one of the main things added

What's new in this update?

  • This website
  • MCMMO - It has been missing since the 1.13.2 update
  • Exotic Garden - Readded due to bug being resolved
  • Player Vaults - You can use /vault to view your available vaults, the ranks will be updated over the next day to include t...
Welcome to CheesySocks Website / Forum
about 1 year ago

Welcome to the CheesySocks Website / Forum


Welcome! I am NaumsJr if you didn't already know. I am the mainly active Owner/Developer of the CheesySocks Server. I would like to welcome you on behalf of the staff of CheesySocks. Make sure to register and head over to Meet and Greet and meet new/existing players and get to know everyone. Make sure to also check out the

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