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Welcome to CheesySocks Website / Forum
Started by NaumsJr



06 Aug 2019

Welcome to the CheesySocks Website / Forum


Welcome! I am NaumsJr if you didn't already know. I am the mainly active Owner/Developer of the CheesySocks Server. I would like to welcome you on behalf of the staff of CheesySocks. Make sure to register and head over to Meet and Greet and meet new/existing players and get to know everyone. Make sure to also check out the Rules and make sure you understand and agree with these rules. 


A bit about the server. We are a Semi-Vanilla minecraft server with many fun things, such as Slimefun, Minetinkers (Like the Forge Mod Tinkers Construct), Jobs, MCMMO and more! We are all about community and respect, if you find anyone isn't being respectful please report them. The main focus of this server is to have fun!

This website will become the main spot for update posts, reporting hackers/rule breakers, applying for staff, reporting bugs, suggestions and more! We will also be adding the voting sites to the website soon! We will be adding information/tutorials for different aspects of the server including Grief Prevention, Jobs and More - Stay Tuned for these.

Thanks for reading

Remember to have fun! Make some new friends. And have a great time!

Owner and Lead Developer for CheesySocks🧀
Discord: NaumsJr#9429
Youtube: NaumsJr
Twitch: NaumsJr

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