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Forum Rules
Started by NaumsJr



06 Aug 2019



Using the Forums
Using the forums is a great way to become actively involved in the community. We ask that you abide by the following rules so that everyone can enjoy using the forums. Using the forums is a privilege and can be revoked at staff members discretion

Forum Rules
Any ingame rules will apply on the forums.

1.     Be Respectful of everyone including staff

2.     Necropost / Reviving 2+ week old dead threads isn’t allowed.

  1. Do not advertise servers.
  2. Account phishing, scamming and account selling will not be tolerated and will result in a ban!
  3. No Racism, sexism, sexual remarks or anything negative of this kind.
  4. Do not impersonate another user or staff member.
  5. Use common sense
  6. Don’t spam mentions (such as @NaumsJr) as it notifies the specific user you’re mentioning. Use them responsibly and do not mention every staff on every thread!
  7. Use Bold, Italics, Underlines, font color, or font size only when relevant, replies and topics written in full Bold, Italics, Underlines, font color, or font size will be edited or deleted.
  8. Refrain from using strong inappropriate language.
  9. Pointless and/or Incorrect topic threads will either be moved, or deleted
  10. It's prohibited to spam the same thread in multiple subforums - It will result in a forum ban.
  11. Edit buttons were not made for aesthetic reasons, use it instead of posting more than 3 times in a row!
  12. Asking for likes for no reason isn't allowed. You gotta earn them.
  13. Do not ban evade! Staff will find you and they will swing the ban hammer on you!
  14. Do not farm posts. A post is farmed if it does not contribute to a conversation. If you like/agree with a post leave a like there is no need to say “I agree” its annoying.
  15. If you farm likes we will punish you! This includes posts and profiles.

You will be punished if you are caught violating the rules. Anyone caught violating the rules will receive an official warning. If you get 3 official warnings will result in a permanent forum ban. Some rules will not require an official warning but you will receive some if you continue to repeat violation eg. triple posting once may not require an official warning, just a written warning.

Individuals who are forum banned can appeal through Discord. Unless you are banned there too then contact [email protected] – any spam will result in a block on there and you will have no way to get unbanned!

Certain offences will result in an immediate permanent ban! If you are extremely toxic or doxing players you will receive this immediate perm ban! These immediate permanent bans can be given at the discretion of a Mod!

The Rules can be updated! It is your responsibility to stay up to date on the rules!

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NaumsJr · about 1 year ago