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about 1 year ago
AlecBae's THelper Application

I like your application and as Naums said you have shown knowledge and experience. As for the bans they were both false bans. 


My vote is also Yes

about 1 year ago
application for klingon2019

Hey klingon,

Thank you for your application, however you have not followed the format provided at

You are also missing some of the requirements such as not having either Iron rank or 24 hours of /playtime. Thank you for being honest about the ban even if it was a joking one. However, you are also currently 5 years younger than we would like and while this isn't the main factor, that paired with only 4 hours of playtime leads me to believe that we don't have enough knowledge of your maturity or experience sorry. For this reason I have decided to give my decision as NO at this current time, If you manage to either get Iron rank or the 24 hours of playtime and you can demonstrate to us that you are mature enough for the position please consider applying again if you aren't approved.

about 1 year ago
LightCozy builder applications

Your build on our server plus the ravine one seems to show you have some good experience and ideas. I would be interested if it's ok with Naums in creating a new markets/shop area with your help as well as many other build projects. I approve your application. As Naums said see what Le_Olde_Sock says otherwise you should be approved!

about 1 year ago
Builder Info and Template

Builder Applications


CheesySocks Builders are responsible for creating builds for the server. You must have good knowledge of the server and all of Minecraft's items/blocks. As a buidling you will be building useful things like a new spawn and a crates area and much more. If you abuse your privileges or you break any of the rules, we will demote you and you risk recieving a punishment depending on your actions.


1. Maturity is a key requirement, if you abuse your position or do not follow senior staff rules we don't want you being a builder.

2. Experience and creativity is also a big thing. Any of the staff can build a crappy looking spawn...look at our current one. We want someone with experience and creativity. Your builds do not need to be massive but it needs to look good and be clean and represent the server well.

3. Be ok with having a build rejected or critisised

Ok so you have gotten this far and are interested in applying:

Please copy and paste this template...we will deny an application that does not use this template, use proper english, expand your reasoning where it is possible, and a major thing, Images. If you do not provide any images for us to review your application 99% of the time will be denied! Give us a link to an with screenshots. They don't need to be UHD quality. If you don't have any images we would recommend building something on a creative world and taking a screenshot.


1. What is your IGN?

2. Your age: 2. What languages do you fluently speak: 3. Why are you interested in being a builder on CheesySocks? 4. Explain/Show us some of your awesome builds - Images go here please? 5. Have you been a staff on a Minecraft server before?
6. Why do you think you should be a builder on CheesySocks? [Post images/links to images here:]

Good luck we look forward to reviewing your applications.

For any questions regarding Builder applications or your application please point them towards myself or @Le_Olde_Sock DO NOT CONTACT NAUMSJR! He will generally not answer these questions as he doesn't have time. Le_Olde_Sock is in charge of staff along with me assisting him in this.

about 1 year ago
thelper must read

Thank you for applying for THelper. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application we have decided to deny it. If you would like a full explanation on why it was denied either DM me on here or on discord.