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IFight4Anime 4 THelper

Ingame Name: IFight4Anime

Discord Name: mik4le#0760

Current Age: 16

Timezone: EST

What languages can you speak fluently (english is expected)? English

What is your current Ontime? 3hr and 41m

(Type /playtime in-game)

Do you have either IronGold or Diamond Rank: Diamond

Do you have any previous bans/punishments either on our server or any other server: I am banned on Mineplex because I was an edgy 10 year old.

(Enquire if unsure)

Do you have the ability to record Minecraft video for proof? Yes

What knowledge do you have of the plugins we have such as MCMMO, Slimefun, Grief Prevention etc? Knowledge of MCMMO and Grief Prev. and Towny not much of Slimefun, but I will learn.

How much time do you think you can contribute to the server weekly: A lot more than I have been. I will also be on a lot after October 4.

Previous server moderation experience (not required): I used to be Mod on a Gmod TTT server and Admin on some random MC server.

Why you think you'll be a good THelper: I'm loyal and trustworthy, sometimes to a fault. I am one of the people that likes to have fun, but I know when I have to be serious too.