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about 1 year ago
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about 1 year ago
AlecBae Helper Application

Yeah, I like your application, we've discussed most of this in DMs.

about 1 year ago
AlecBae's THelper Application

Your application is one of the better ones we've received, it's a Yes from me.

about 1 year ago
LightCozy builder applications

Seems my reply is ill-timed, apologies for getting back to this one late. The application was short but seemed a fair deal professional. Gets my approval, very *interesting* that you turn 19 on the 29th of September.

about 1 year ago

Thanks mr nice person.

about 1 year ago
Starsite THelper Application

You don't have much of a track record with the server, however THelper isn't very permission-heavy so this isn't a major issue. You've shown good professionalism and maturity so far, so I have no issues with you being a THelper. We will probably be monitoring you a bit and I expect to see more activity from you before you're considered for a higher position - naturally inactivity will also get you demoted. But you seem like a solid candidate for THelper so


I Approve