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Alecbae's Moderator Application


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Season 3 Beta Release

Season 3 Beta Is Finally Here!





Season 2 has just recently ended and if you would like to download the world file you can from here. I have already talked a lot about Season 2 here and so I won't drag this out!


Season 3 Beta

Why is Season 3 being released as a Beta? Well to put it simply, it's to allow you to get started early playing around with new features and finding anything that I would miss. Please report any bugs or issues you come across either to an online staff member or on the website or discord. There are still many things that need working on and I will continue to develop those.

This is a very early beta please be patient and understand that not everything will be working properly!


Some new things to look for:

  1. New Rank Up System is being worked on - This will mean you will need to go through the ranks to gain certain commands or features.

  2. New Playtime reward system coming soon 

  3. New Bank System is also coming soon

  4. Many more new things to look out that are already on the server or being added soon!


Also a quick note for anyone with a paid rank: We are still working through permissions and you may not have all the permissions you should yet, you may post in #🔥🌟cheesy🌟🔥  on the discord server if you find anything you believe you should have access to. If you purchase any rank during the beta please contact me for any issues to have them sorted out as quickly as possible.


While Season 3 is already looking like it's going to be a lot of fun I would like to remind you that the server rules still apply, and will be updated in the next few weeks. If you are caught breaking rules during the beta (this includes exploiting bugs and not reporting to staff) you will be punished accordingling! Any punishments during the beta will not be removed after the server is released out of beta!


We will not tolerate any excuses for breaking the rules or exploiting a bug intentionally, this includes "not being aware of a rule". Staff are allowed to punish you regardless of your excuses. You may appeal them at however if you say you didn't know it was a rule your appeal will be denied! With the 2 new ranks (which are still not configured yet), Obsidian and Bedrock, if you are permanentley banned from CheesySocks it is your responsibility to cancel your subscription. If you have any troubles please fill out this form

9 months ago
Survival Season 2 Ending

CheesySocks Slimefun Survival Season 2 is Officially Ending!


This has been my favourite season so far. We have had our ups and downs with the server including the dreaded lag that basically signed the death warrant for the season! Myself and Dozen (and maybe Sock not sure how many he actually met) have met so many awesome people this season!

A special thank you to our staff for helping make this an easier job for me most the time 😂. Iminecraft_DUDE has really stepped up not only on the build team (awesome new spawn) but the moderating team. Light_Cozy has also created some awesome builds, the new markets, as well as some that didn't end up making it to Season 2 but will make an appearance sometime in Season 3. AlecBae joined the team closer to the end but has been very valuable especially helping with the lag. I look forward to the future and getting to work with them on Season 3 as well as new staff we may accept!

Our current timeline is as followed (All times are AEST):

  • 1st November - Friday 22nd November - We will try to have some fun to end off the season. Staff will be busy over the next couple of weeks especially myself as I/we get ready to release (no spoilers yet!) Season 3
  • Saturday 23rd November 11pm - World will be backed up and uploaded for download (Still determining if this is going to be viable as the world is currently very large). Creative mode command will be given to every player!
  • Wednesday 27th November 11pm - All claims and protections will be removed including spawns!
  • Saturday 30th November 8pm - TNT and explosions will be enabled on the server
  • Sunday 1st December 1am - Season 2 will officially close down! 
  • Sunday 1st December 1:30am - 2amSeason 3 will officially be released!


Again a huge thanks to everyone who has been great to work and play with. I look forward to Season 3 and the new exciting additions that will welcome you to Season 3!

Note: If you have previously been banned on CheesySocks for any reason, all bans will be revoked from the start of Season 3. This doesn't mean you won't be punished for breaking the rules!

10 months ago
YouTube Rank Applications

YouTuber Ranks


CheesySocks currently has 2 tiers of YouTuber Ranks, [YouTuberand [YouTuber+]. Both Ranks come with perks on the server. Requirements may change but these are the current requirements!

Requirements for BOTH ranks:

  • You must upload videos with some quality to them and be original content.
  • Your videos should be longer than 2 minutes (there may be some exceptions).
  • Your videos must not break YouTubes Community Guidelines! If your channel is terminated you will lose your rank!
  • You must have a mostly clean record on the server. If you have been punished in the past for spamming don't apply!

Requirements for [YouTuber]:

  • You must have 150 subs and get 15+ views a video if your content is mostly Minecraft content.
  • You must have 250 subs and get 50+ views a video if your content is limited Minecraft content.
  • [YouTuber] must be able to post at least 1 video a week on CheesySocks.

Requirements for [YouTuber+]:


  • You must have 500 subs and get 50+ views a video if your content is mostly Minecraft content.
  • You must have 750 subs and get 75+ views a video if your content is limited Minecraft content.
  • [YouTuber+must be able to post at least 1 video every 2 weeks on CheesySocks.


[YouTuber] has the same perms as Iron Rank and can post links in chat to their YouTube Channel / Social Media.

[YouTuber+] has the same perms as Gold Rank and can post links in chat to their YouTube Channel / Social Media. They may also post when they upload in discord #youtube-uploads channel tagging @YT Notify.


Application Format

Ingame Name: 

YouTube Channel (link):

Link to videos made on CheesySocks:


Disclaimer: YouTube Rank is given at the discretion of the owners of CheesySocks (NaumsJr and Oldsock). They are currently the only people who decide who can and can't have this rank. CheesySocks reserves the right to review your videos and channel at any time without notice, as well as revoke your rank if your videos and/or channel are considered innapropriate, or if you are gaining subscribers or views from bots or other unfair means! If you don't agree with this please don't apply! All YouTube ranked players must not spam links to their channels or videos either in discord or in Minecraft, breaking this rule will result in a tempory or permanent lose of rank. Breaking any of the rules defined in discord or on the Minecraft Server may also result in a tempory or permanent lose of rank!