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about 1 year ago
builder applcation must read

1. What is your IGN?Uf0sxm

2. Your age:11

2. What languages do you fluently speak:english swedish

3. Why are you interested in being a builder on CheesySocks? because im good builder and i want to make the server better

4. Explain/Show us some of your awesome builds -

5. Have you been a staff on a Minecraft server before? i had my own server

6. Why do you think you should be a builder on CheesySocks? because im good builder and i like the server

about 1 year ago
thelper must read

Ingame Name:Name: Uf0sxm

Discord Name: vicko36

Current Age: 11

Timezone: sweden

What languages can you speak fluently (english is expected)? english swedish

What is your current Playtime? 1day 17hr 50min 50s

Do you have either IronGold or Diamond Rank: nope

Do you have any previous bans/punishments either on our server or any other server: yes 5 servers ban on

(Enquire if unsure)

Do you have the ability to record Minecraft video for proof? yes

How much time do you think you can contribute to the server weekly: 1hour

Previous server moderation experience (not required): no

Why you think you'll be a good THelper: im good builder and admin